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Company Profile
Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Importer , Service Provider , Trader and Supplier
Export Percentage 10%
Import Percentage 20%
Primary Competitive Advantages
Accurate, efficient, durable and economic products, client oriented approaches and in-depth expertise of the trade

No of Staff 11
Year of Establishment 2005
OEM Service Provided Yes
No of Engineers 8
IIF (The Institute of Indian Foundrymen)
Product Range
  • Metallographic
    • Metallurgical Microscopes- various types with Photographic Equipments and CCD with Image Analyzing Software
    • Abrasive Specimen Cut off Machines- Light and Heavy Duty type and Automatic Cut Off Machines
    • Specimen Mounting Press, Mechanical type and Hydraulic type Specimen Leveler, Spectro Polishing Machine
    • Hand Polishing Stand and Linisher Polisher (Belt Sander) for Wet and Dry Polishing
    • Single, Double and Triple Disc Polishing Machines- Ordinary and Automatic types
    • Electrolytic Polisher with Etching Attachment
    • Hot and Cold Air Dryer, Specimen Storage Cabinet
  • Chemical Testing
    • Carbon and Sulphur Determination Apparatus
    • Muffle Furnace, Hot Air Oven, Hot Plates, Water Still and Water Bath
    • Electro Chemical Analyzer, Photo Electric Calorimeters & Spectrophotometers and Emission Spectrometer
    • Rapid Silicon Determination Apparatus for Iron, Phosphorous Determination Apparatus for Iron & Steel
    • Orsat Gas Analyzer
    • Single & Double Pan Balance, Top Pan Balance
    • Digital pH Meter
    • Fume Chamber
  • Physical Testing
    • Universal Testing Machines (Mechanical/Electronic/Computerized) Tensile Testing Machine, Charpy/Izod Impact Testing Machine
    • Metal Hardness Tester: Brinell Hardness Tester 3000 kgs., Rockwell Superficial Hardness Tester, Poldi Hardness Tester, Shore & Vickers Hardness Tester
    • Erichsen Cupping Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine
  • Foundry Sand Testing & Machinery
    • Green Sand: Clay Washer, Sieve Shaker with Set of Sieves, Sand Rammer, Electric Permeability Meter, Universal Sand Strength Machine (Hydraulic, Digital and Computer Interface), Wet Tensile Tester, Sand Muller, Mould & Core Hardness Tester, Sand Mixer Lab. Type, Green Compression Strength Machine, Rapid Moisture Tester, Shatter Index Tester, Calibration Sets, etc.
    • Shell Sand: Auto Hot Shell Tensile Tester and Computer Interface, Peel Back Tester, Melt Point Tester, Core Gas Determinator
  • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Permanent Yoke Type Magnetic Crack Detector
    • Portable and Bench Type Electric Magnetic Crack Detector
    • Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with TFT Monitor and Thickness Gauge
    • Spot-check Dye Penetrants
    • Magnetic Powder, Paste and Water Washable Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Pyrometry
    • Optical Pyrometer and Surface Contact Pyrometer
  • Meterology
    • Autocollimator
    • Tool Room Microscope and Inspection Microscope
    • Profile Projector, Zoom Stereomicroscope
    • Universal Surface Gauge, Profile Gauge and Dial Gauge Stand
    • CCD Cameras with Software for measurement
  • R&D Equipments and Custom Built Equipment
    • Automatic Component Test System
    • Cryogenic Chamber up to -80ÂșC
    • Special Purpose Machines
  • Metallurgical Laboratory Consumables
    • Polishing Media-levigated Polishing Alumina in paste and in powder form, Diamond Lapping Compounds
    • Polishing Cloths: various types & sizes and Chamois Leather
    • Polishing Papers: Aloxite and Zircon Emery Paper, Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper, Endless Belts for Dry Wet Polishing of various grits
    • Cold Setting Compounds & Thermosetting Powders, Mould Release Agent in aerosol cans for specimen mounting press
    • Combustion Boats and Tubes, Heating Rods and Clamps
    • Standard Test Blocks for Hardness Testers and Poldi Test Bars
    • Cutoff Wheels and Diamond Impregnated Wheels
    • N.M.L. Samples, B.C.S. Samples and Spectrographic Standards
    • Absorbent Material for Rapid Moisture Tester
    Other Products
    • 1. FLUID MECHANICS LABORATORY (Closed Circuit Type)
      • Venturimeter & Orificemeter App.
      • Venturimeter Apparatus.
      • Orificemeter Appartus.
      • Bernoulli's Therorem Apparatus.
      • Orifice & Mouthpiece Apparatus.
      • Orifice Apparatus
      • Losses in Pipes Apparatus.
      • Notch Apparatus.
      • Pipe Friction Apparatus.
      • Impact of jet Apparatus.
      • Free & Forced Vortex Flow App.
      • Tilting Flmes - 4 mtrs., 6 mtrs., 10 mtrs. Long
      • Reynold's Apparatus.
      • Heleshaw Apparatus.
      • Metacentric Height of ship Model.

      • Centrifugal pump Test Rig. (Various Speed)
      • Multi Stage Centrifugal pump Test Rig
      • Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig.
      • Gear pump Test Rig.
      • Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.
      • Kinematic Board Models.
      • Motorised Gyroscope.
      • Static & Dynamic Balancing App. (Rotating Masses)
      • Balancing of Reciprocating Masses
      • Universal Governor Apparatus.
      • Coriolli's Component of Acceleration
      • slip & Creep in Belt Drive.
      • Epicyclic Gear Train Apparatus
      • Turn Table Apparatus
      • Cam Analysis Machine.
      • Vib-Lab (For conducting experiments on Spring Mass System, Compound Pendulum, Transverse, Torsional & Longitudinal Vibrations.)
      • Split Vib-Lab (Independent Experimental Set-Ups.)
      • Whirling of Shaft Apparatus.
      • Multi Degree Freedom Suspension System
      • Vibrating Platfrom for measuring Frequency, Amplitude & Acceleration Measurment Appartaus using Accelerometer.
      • Rossette Strain Gauge Set-up with pressurized Cylinder Model.
      • Rossette Strain Gauge Set-Up with Tensile Loading Specimen.
      • Journal Bearing Apparatus.
      • Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester
      • Michell Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing App.
      • Pneumatic Circuit Trainer.
      • Oil Hydraulic Trainer.
      • Thermal Conductivity of Insulation Powder App.
      • Thermal Conductivity in Concentric Spheres App.
      • Thermal Conductivity of Metal Bar App.
      • Thermal Conductivity Apparatus. (Two Slab Guared Hot Plate Method)
      • Thermal Contact Conductance App.
      • Heat Transfer through Composite Wals App.
      • Heat Transfer through Lagged pipe App.
      • Heat Transfer from PinFin App.
      • Unsteady State of Heat Transfer Unit. Transient Heat Conduction.
      • Emissivity Measurement App.
      • Tefan Boltzmann Apparatus.
      • Heat Transfer through Vacuum
      • Drop & Film Condensation App.
      • Two phase Heat Transfer Unit.
      • Heat Transfer in Forced Convection App.
      • Heat Transfer in Natural Convection App.
      • Heat Pipe Demonstrator.
      • Critical Heat Flux Apparatus.
      • Parallel Flow/Counter Flow Heat Exchanger.
      • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger.
      • Shell & Tube Heat Exchager.
      • Finned Tube Heat Exchanger.
      • Refrigeration Tutor.
      • Air Conditioning Tutor
      • Mechanical Heat Pump.
      • Water Cooling Tower.
      • Gas Charging Unit.
      • Ice Plant Tutor
      • Water Cooler Test Rig.
      • Window Air Conditioning Test Rig.
      • Domestic Refrigerator Test Rig.
      • Temperature Measurement by RTD , Thermocouple & Thermistor Modules.
      • Speed Measurement Apparatus with Stroboscope, Tachnometer, Magnetic & Photoelectric pick-Up.
      • Strain Gauge Module.
      • Strain Gauge Module to conduct Bending, Axial & Torsion Tests.
      • Displacement Measurement by L.V.D.T. Module piezoelectric Module.
      • Capacitive type Level Measurement Apparatus Unit.
      • Force measurement Unit by using Load Cell & proving Ring.
      • Flow Measurement Apparatus by venturimeter, Orficemeter & Rotameter.
      • Torque Measurement Apparatus.
      • Study of pressure Transducer.
      • Lathe Tool Dynamometer. (2/3 Channel)
      • Drill Tool Dynamometer (2 Channel)
      • Milling Tool Dynamometer (3 Channel)
      • Grinding TooL Dynamometer (3 Channel)
      • 6/12 Diffused Light Research Polariscope with Accessories
    Services Offered
    Sand Testing Services and Calibration.